Welcome to Faringdon Petanque Club Website!

Faringdon Petanque Club would like to welcome all residents, and local villagers to come along and try out.
We are confident that once you start playing you will love this fun and sociable game and want to come again

Faringdon Petanque Club started on 24th May 2023 with just a patch of grass in a Garden.
The ambition is to build a serious club with its own large terrain in Faringdon.
We currently play on Clos Melois a.k.a. Eagles Park, in the middle of Faringdon.
This small venue is a marvelous starting point for the club to demonstrate the game to Faringdon.

Petanque is a game for all ages and abilities. In reality it tends to be played by retired folk. Its a very sociable game where the tea and biscuits are as much part of the enjoyment as the game. The game itself is sometimes called Boules. Otherwise described as hurling cannon balls about - which is quite possible where the game originated from. Where bored French soldiers who had to man the cannons invented the game. Yes I'm sorry to say that this is a French game but lets not hold that against them, we can make it our own with Tea and Cakes and the spirit of Trafalgar.