Sessions Played Each Week

  Without a large terrain with multiple Pistes we can not publish a small list of permatent sessions each week.

  At the moment sessions are being organised on a very ad-hoc basis. If you have not yet done so; please tell

  Kevin when you would like to attand a session and it might just get orginsed.


  A session can be attended by four, five, or six people. The Way that this works is that a team has two players

  they each have three Boules to throw, while a team of three players would each have two boules to throw.

  Either way a game of Petanque has two teams each having six boules to throw.


  If a slot proves very popular and we start to get more than six players wanting to attend then we could do a

  split session; Overlapping sessions are managed by dividing people up into two group that arrive one hour apart.

  The First Team play a pair of 30 minute games before having a Tea Break of half an hour before returning

  for a final half hour game. The Second Team play a first 30 minute timed game during the First teams tea break,

  then have their own tea break, and finally complete a pair of 30 min timed games after the first team has

  completed their third game. Much flexibility will have to be shown for games which run on passed the target times.

  This arrangement will work very well as the switchovers and observing the other players during the tea breaks will

  allow everybody to get to kow each other. This should prove a vary sociable event. Such a session could work well

  with eight people all playing doubles.