A return Match against Saxons

Saxons Petanque (Cricklade) is the place where Jill and Kevin started playing Petanque.

The first FPC visit to Saxons was a very fun day out even if we did loose five-nill.

Is was very pleasant for Jill and Kevin to remake links to those players we had left behind nearly two years ago. Saxons members are all very relaxed and sociable.

A return visit in the Autumn is on the cards. Something to look forward to.

Wallingford Open Invitation

FPC is in the Thames Valley Region as far as Petanque England is concerned. This is a problem for us as all the other clubs in the Thames valley are very distant apart from Wallingford.

Wallingford have made us a very generous invitation to go along and join a club session at some time.

Regional League Table

it is traditional for clubs to have a round robin set of matches against all the other clubs in their region.

Have a look at this map of the PE registered clubs in the Thames Valley.

Thames Valley

Faringdon is in the top Left corner. Wallingford is in the Middle. All the other clubs are on the right hand side.

At this early stage in the life of the club it is hard to see what bonus we can get from being part of the region.