The Game

Pétanque is French Boules. The idea is to get your teams Boules nearer the Jack than your opponents.
The game can be played on many surfaces (terrains) usually gritty, sandy or small pebbles, but not grass.
The playing area is approximately 3m x 12m and matches are played between doubles or triples or both
(occasionally singles). Each team is allowed 6 boules (2 each in triples, 3 each in doubles).

We could decide teams by standing in a line and throwing a boule towards the jack. How near your boule is determines which team you are in for the game.

The team that wins the toss or the previous end will have one attempt to throw a valid jack.
It is thrown from a circle and must be thrown to a distance of between 6 and 10 metres. If not then an opponent
may place it at any valid position on the pitch.

Each team plays until they have the boule nearest the Jack. Then they swap until the other team has one nearer,
and so on. When one team has played all their boules, the other team plays their remaining boules.
The team closest to the Jack counts all of their boules that are closer than their opponents. Ends are then played
until one team scores a total of 13 points, or time has run out; at this point you play until the end is finished.